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Auto Glass Repair

An unfortunate side effect of all of the sunny days that we see in the Glendale area of Southern California is that the amount of road debris one encounters on the busy freeways and highways is much higher than in other locations of the country. As a result, the odds of experiencing damage resulting in needing to pursue an auto glass repair are also high. At Glendale Car Glass, we have more than 15 years’ experience in helping our customers fix all types of glass damage. Whether you have a chipped or cracked window, or have had a stray golf ball or rock strike your automobile’s glass, we are here to help.

Our technicians undergo rigorous training, and know how to fix all types of damage that can occur to your auto glass. We have the industry knowledge and technical specifics on how to properly restore your auto glass to its original foundation, and we are some of the best windshield repair technicians in the business. You will not be disappointed in making our shop your number one choice for auto glass. Call us today for:

  • Auto Glass Repair Glendale

Keep in mind that while there may be other glass shops in Glendale, we would ask you to find another company that has over 20 years’ experience in the business, offers fully mobile service and meets you either at your home or place of business. The reality of the matter is that they do not exist. Very few companies in our industry offer what we offer to our clients. None have the experience and the tools necessary to perform these delicate tasks. Why trust your windshield in the hands of a non professional person out there who is neither properly licensed nor has the tools to repair your windshield? Glass damage done to a windshield can be extremely tricky. If the little rock chip that you got on your windshield is not properly addressed, are you aware that it can spread and cause a windshield crack in as little as a few hours? Also, by the time you do get the rock chip, it's extremely important to take care of it right away.

A simple repair can save you hundreds of dollars, just by doing the right thing. The second step to saving money on your glass repair is to hire the right company. How do you know if you're about to hire the right company, you may wonder. The answer is simple. Look at their track record. Look at their history in the auto glass repair space. Are they someone you would highly trust to handle such a delicate job? The answer most likely is a resounding no. A lot of these fly by night companies only care about making money and charging the customers high expensive prices on simple repairs. The answer to that is because they may have a physical location where the rent is expensive. Next, they have high overhead which requires them to bring in higher revenue to meet their monthly expenses. We don't have such a thing and we're fully able to meet our obligations. Because we're a mobile service company, we are extremely efficient. Every dollar is counted for and we can charge lower prices. This is what we mean by it's a win-win situation when you're dealing with us.

We commonly get asked by new customers how long they can wait to get their car’s glass damage repaired. Our answer never changes—as soon as possible. Our experience has shown that the longer that you wait to get that small 2 inch crack fixed, the greater the odds are that the temperature difference between the day and night time weather in our local area will ultimately result in the crack spreading to the point you will require a full auto glass replacement . Not only will this result in a more costly repair, but instead of only meeting our mobile repair team for a 30-45 minute glass repair job, a full glass replacement can take several hours to properly accomplish depending on the vehicle and type of glass to be replaced. If you are unsure of what you need to do, just give our friendly staff a call today. Not only will we give you a free assessment over the phone, but our mobile repair teams maintain flexible schedules and will be able to meet you at a time and place convenient to your busy schedule.

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