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Windshield Repair

Nothing is more annoying than driving down the freeway in San Fernando Valley or Glendale and hearing the loud “pop” that occurs when a rock hits your car or truck’s windshield. Although you might get lucky and not see any cracking or chipping in the glass, most of the time this will result in damage requiring the automobile owner to seek out a windshield repair service. If you find yourself in this circumstance, then look no further than Glendale Car Glass to help take care of the glass repairs. Our technicians are trained and certified to take care of windshield cracks, chips, and dings, and know the limitations of the manufacturer approved repair processes. If they assess the damage as being too great, then our mobile repair teams are also capable of performing a full windshield replacement or glass repair for your automobile.

If you are about to call and hire a fly by night company to perform a windshield repair job, simply don't do it. This is a service that requires industry training and professional auto glass personnel. A service like this cannot be done by a new company or someone with a truck and a seal gun. It's performed by a company that has it's technicians trained in the craft. Glendale Car Glass not only offers free mobile service, but the prices we charge are very low. We want our customers to feel very comfortable with our service and also to refer us to their friends, neighbors and co-workers.

We care about what you think and how frequently you refer business to us. This is what's sustained our company for the past 20 years. Referrals from the soccer moms who got a big crack in their windshield and now needs an auto glass replacement job done now before her husband comes home. We are there for this mom to make sure her children are safe in the car when she's on the highway. People like this often call us out of desperation, fear and everything else you can image. We do our best to calm people down and reassure them that a friendly and professional technician is available to help them in their most darkest hour.

During our company’s more than 15 years in business, we have found that the busy residents of Glendale don’t have time to waste coming in to a garage to repair their car or truck’s windshield. As a result, we bring the shop to your preferred location throughout the local area at no extra charge. Our technicians commonly finish basic crack or chip repairs in less than 45 minutes, and many times in under half an hour. We can meet you on your lunch break at work, at the local shopping mall, or at your home depending on what time, date, and location is convenient for your busy schedule.

If you automobile’s windshield has suffered damage, don’t delay and give our staff a call today for a free quote on repairing your vehicle’s windshield. So call us today for a quote on your windshield repair project. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience and we take appointments and calls even on a Sunday. No other company works this hard to provide for their clients. We service not only Glendale as our name suggests but the entire Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley, including Burbank, Panorama City, Van Nuys and other areas as well. We have over 7 trucks that are mobile and ready for action when you are. So give us a shout and let us provide you with the confidence you need to make the right decision.

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